November 28, 2022

Lighting Design & Installation

Recent New Build Extension

We recently completed the electrical design and installation for a new build extension in London for one of our lovely customers.  Lighting is such as important factor when planning your room or new build and it can be used to create the mood in a room.

All 3 lighting levels should be covered:

  • Accent lighting - used to add a dramatic touch, think spotlights or up lighters that highlight plants or pieces of art
  • Ambient lighting - a room's main light which can come from recessed lights, chandeliers, floor lamps, or other ceiling fixtures
  • Task lighting - specific lighting for reading or working includes table lamps and under cabinet lights for the kitchen

Consider the use of a room

Living rooms and family rooms benefit from lamps to create a cosy feel.  Bathrooms are best lit with fixtures mounted above or on each side of the mirror so that shadows are minimised.  Kitchens need bright general lighting along with task lighting for countertops and prep areas.

Recessed lights are a great solution for almost every room. One reason is because these fixtures are low-profile and become integrated into the ceiling for a clean look. Another benefit is their flexibility to be used with dimmer switches and as general or accent lighting.

Dimmer Switches & Smart Lighting

Dimmer switches are great for adding versatility to any light fixture, they are one of the top inexpensive interior design lighting tips. Dimmers allow you to fine-tune the level of brightness while also helping to conserve energy and cost and extend bulb life.  Alternatively switch out your lightbulbs for smart versions for the same effect as a dimmer with far more functionality.  When your smart lighting is linked to a smart assistant, you can turn them on and off and adjust the brightness all via voice control. You can also set schedules and design scenes depending on what you're using the room for.

Layer your Lighting

No matter how large or small your space, or what design scheme you are creating it is crucial to layer and make sure all of the activities and moods of the room are accounted for. Use an overhead light for blanket brightness, floor lamp and wall lights for ambience, and reading lights for focus time.

By creating light and shade areas, you can have cosier spaces within open-plan living rooms.  By mixing up the layers of light, highlight architectural features with accent lighting and don't over-light areas that don't need illuminating.  The key is to look at your room and decide where function lighting is needed, and mood lighting is required.




Get in touch with Certified Electricians London Ltd to discuss your plans or ideas, we are happy to help and advise.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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