Ensure the safety of your property with an EICR test performed by NICEIC certified qualified tradesmen with decades of experience identifying and remedying electrical faults.

What is an EICR

An EICR test in short, is to check for danger within your property’s electrical system. EICR stands for Electrical Inspection Condition Report, and functions as a detailed inspection of your property’s electrical systems and installation. EICRs should be carried out by certified electricians who are fully insured, qualified and experiencdd to undertake such an important task.

Carrying out an EICR requires multiple tests to be performed on the electrical systems of your property.  Among the tests we perform at Certified Electricians London are: Earth measurement reading, bonding test, continuity of CPC, continuity of ring, insulation resistance, polarity test, earth fault loop impedance, RCD test and visual circuit observation. Our certified contractors have decades of experience in identifying faults in electrical systems spanning all types of properties. 

How long will an EICR take and how much will it cost?

The time required to perform your assessment will depend on the size of your property. A 3-bedroom property on average takes around 3-4 hours. Our prices can be found below, for more details do not hesitate to get in touch.

Why do I need an EICR?

All properties should be retested periodically. Retest periods vary for different property types, to ensure optimal safety tests should be performed on the following intervals:

Domestic Property: 10 years
Rented Houses: 5 years
Other Property Types: Please enquire

An EICR is a legal requirement as a landlord, and while it is not a legal requirement when selling a property, it can give the potential buyer additional information and clarity on the condition of the property. An EICR is also useful for general peace of mind when considering your electrical system.

Who can perform an EICR in London?

At certified electricians london we are NICEIC registered, hold full public and professional liability insurance and are qualified to the highest national standards in testing and inspecting electrical installations.

Our EICR process

We take the time to perform all the required tests to ensure your property’s electrical systems are completely safe.

We test: every single cable in your property: all sockets, all lights, all light switches to ensure your safety. We record our observations and recommend what remedial action could be taken if a fault is encountered in easy to understand, jargon free language.

Issues with your electrical system within an EICR report are broken down into 3 different categories:

Code C1

This observation means “Danger present. Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action required”

This code denotes an issue that presents an immediate threat to the safety of occupants, guests, and customers on the premises

Code C2

This observation means “Potentially dangerous, urgent remedial action required”

The homeowner is at risk of shock

Code C3

This observation appearing in an EICR report means “Improvement recommended”

A code C3 denotes that there is a non-compliance with the safety code, but it does not present immediate or potential danger.

Ricky Gondhia
Ricky Gondhia
31. March, 2021.
Really glad we found David. The fuse box in our rental property is a little awkward to get to. We had an electrician from another generic company come over, take a look at it, and refuse to do it. I looked up David, had a chat with him over the phone, he asked me to send him a photo and a video and he was happy to confirm it should be alright to do. He's clearly an honest guy, came over as planned, carried out the checks and we have our EICR. A really great trustworthy service.
Doug Simmonds
Doug Simmonds
31. March, 2021.
Great service from David. He was happy to advise me on the issue I had, which was hugely appreciated. I booked him in and he did and excellent job in a professional and pleasant manner. Highly recommend.
An A
An A
28. February, 2021.
I called a lot of electricians about my job but David is the only one who didn’t try to rip me off. He came to spec the job up and was very knowledgeable. He told me exactly what he would do in advance and quoted me a fair price for the materials and labour required. He was very professional, punctual and competent in the light installations. Very happy with his work and will use again. Great job!
19. February, 2021.
I would HIGHLY recommend David. He was very helpful, communicated clearly, honest, reliable and fair in what he charged. Compared to another electrician that I used recently - well, there's no comparison! Thanks David.
Joshua Hudson
Joshua Hudson
15. February, 2021.
David was very attentive, well priced and did a great job. Would highly recommend and would definitely use again.
Henry Rodrick
Henry Rodrick
14. February, 2021.
Came out on a Sunday and emergency fixed a broken socked that took out the circuit the fridge is on. Top guy!
david edwards
david edwards
11. January, 2021.
Called out CEL after I lost power to the ground floor light circuit. Dave was quick to respond and already over the phone gave me a confident feeling that I was dealing with a professional who would get the issue resolved in the quickest possible time with the least fuss. Dave arrived less than an hour after the request was made on the web page and within an hour later all power was resolved. As per his his manner on the call, in person he was professional and knowledgeable. For any future electric work I will definitely be considering CEL first.
Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts
6. January, 2021.
Alexandre Naud
Alexandre Naud
18. December, 2020.
John S
John S
6. December, 2020.
Certified electricians came same day on failure of a 4 way dimmer switch - a temporary fix was made immediately and then as soon as the replacement was available this was installed very quickly with no fuss. I am very pleased with this service.
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Anything else I need to know?

EICRs generated by Certified Electrician’s London are trusted and displayed across London. If you’re looking to book an EICR report with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We also provide Commercial/Industrial Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) Please contact us for a quote

Electrical Installation Condition Reports / Landlord Safety Certificates

  • Studio/1 Bed House Or Apartment
  • 2 Bed House Or Apartment
  • 3 Bed House Or Apartment
  • 4 Bed House Or Apartment
  • £165 + VAT
  • £180 + VAT
  • £195 + VAT
  • £210 + VAT

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