Ensure the safety of your property with an EICR test performed by NICEIC certified qualified tradesmen with decades of experience identifying and remedying electrical faults.

What is an EICR

An EICR test in short, is to check for danger within your property’s electrical system. EICR stands for Electrical Inspection Condition Report, and functions as a detailed inspection of your property’s electrical systems and installation. EICRs should be carried out by certified electricians who are fully insured, qualified and experiencdd to undertake such an important task.

Carrying out an EICR requires multiple tests to be performed on the electrical systems of your property.  Among the tests we perform at Certified Electricians London are: Earth measurement reading, bonding test, continuity of CPC, continuity of ring, insulation resistance, polarity test, earth fault loop impedance, RCD test and visual circuit observation. Our certified contractors have decades of experience in identifying faults in electrical systems spanning all types of properties. 

How long will an EICR take and how much will it cost?

The time required to perform your assessment will depend on the size of your property. A 3-bedroom property on average takes around 3-4 hours. Our prices can be found below, for more details do not hesitate to get in touch.

Why do I need an EICR?

All properties should be retested periodically. Retest periods vary for different property types, to ensure optimal safety tests should be performed on the following intervals:

Domestic Property: 10 years
Rented Houses: 5 years
Other Property Types: Please enquire

An EICR is a legal requirement as a landlord, and while it is not a legal requirement when selling a property, it can give the potential buyer additional information and clarity on the condition of the property. An EICR is also useful for general peace of mind when considering your electrical system.

Who can perform an EICR in London?

At certified electricians london we are NICEIC registered, hold full public and professional liability insurance and are qualified to the highest national standards in testing and inspecting electrical installations.

Our EICR process

We take the time to perform all the required tests to ensure your property’s electrical systems are completely safe.

We test: every single cable in your property: all sockets, all lights, all light switches to ensure your safety. We record our observations and recommend what remedial action could be taken if a fault is encountered in easy to understand, jargon free language.

Issues with your electrical system within an EICR report are broken down into 3 different categories:

Code C1

This observation means “Danger present. Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action required”

This code denotes an issue that presents an immediate threat to the safety of occupants, guests, and customers on the premises

Code C2

This observation means “Potentially dangerous, urgent remedial action required”

The homeowner is at risk of shock

Code C3

This observation appearing in an EICR report means “Improvement recommended”

A code C3 denotes that there is a non-compliance with the safety code, but it does not present immediate or potential danger.

Daniel Wong
Daniel Wong
Marlowe was a very professional and well-mannered electrician that fixed all the electric sockets my flat was having. He also explained and showed me what was wrong previously while fixing it. I would highly recommend their services to anyone that needs help with any electrical issues.
Emma Jacobsen
Emma Jacobsen
Excellent communication, incredibly professional service, fair prices - David and Marlowe were brilliant to work with when conducting an EICR and then undertaking the subsequent remedial works. They clearly explained what the issues were in our home (both verbally and via email) and provided all of the information we needed. Very glad to have found them and will absolutely turn to them in the future. Thank you so much!
Yu Tao
Yu Tao
Marlowe, David and the team is very professional. I will say their repair service is superb. Definitely recommend them.
Susanne K.
Susanne K.
Excellent job done by David! Very happy with the service and I will definitely use them again!
Jiayi Zhao
Jiayi Zhao
They fixed the switch for me and was able to send someone on the same day. Initially I gave three star review due to the switch not matching to the rest of the flat and some wall paint was chipped off. However the team contacted me and kindly did a second visit and fixed issue. I really appreciate the communication and effort they put into taking care of the customer. So I amended my review to 5 star! Highly recommend the service!
Perfection !
Yuyi Qi
Yuyi Qi
Hired again to replace two ceiling lights. Highly professional and friendly. No hidden charge. No cash. Prompt reply and arrival on time. Job done nice and clean. All questions answered clearly. Can’t recommend more!
G Chakravarty
G Chakravarty
Marlowe did a superb job. He arrived quickly and on time after our pet chewed through our fridge cable. He fixed the cable quickly and suggested making it extra chew-proof without me needing to ask. He tolerated my bad tea and pets and even entertained my nosy children. THIS is what small business is about. Very pleased
Scarlett Chen
Scarlett Chen
Marlowe did excellent job of replacing my broken celling fan, installing a remote control and a switch. Certified Electricians is responsive and professional, reasonable price. Finally I found a reliable electricians company, it will be my go to now.
Rosi K
Rosi K
David was fantastic all around! He was very responsivr and his estimate was spot on. He did the job swiftly and with great quality. I'm definitely saving his contact, would use again and would recomend!
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Anything else I need to know?

EICRs generated by Certified Electrician’s London are trusted and displayed across London. If you’re looking to book an EICR report with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We also provide Commercial/Industrial Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) Please contact us for a quote

Electrical Installation Condition Reports / Landlord Safety Certificates

Any subsequent EICRs on the same property include a £25 + VAT discount
  • Studio/1 Bed House Or Apartment
  • 2 Bed House Or Apartment
  • 3 Bed House Or Apartment
  • 4 Bed House Or Apartment
  • £165 + VAT
  • £180 + VAT
  • £195 + VAT
  • £210 + VAT

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