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Are you considering replacing or changing light fittings/fixtures in your home or property?

Should you require any light fitting/lighting works in East London, South East London or Greenwich we are here to assist you.

We at Certified Electricians London Ltd have extensive experience in lighting design/replacement. We can advise on the most suitable lighting options for your property and advise on the most economical and energy saving choices available. We specialise in smart home, LED, and quinetic wireless installations. Home technology is changing all the time and we at Certified Electricians London Ltd do our utmost to provide you with the best and most suitable options on the market that are available.

If you need any advice or would like a quick quotation for works please get in touch here

What is a light fixutre?

A lighting fixture, otherwise known as a lamp socket or lamp holder is an outlet in your house or property, linked to your electrical system that allows you to insert certain types of lightbulbs and operate them via a switch.

How can I ensure my light fixture are working correctly?

If your lightbulb is flickering, it could be a sign that switch contacts are faulty, the sound of sizzling and cracking can confirm this. The usual remedy for this is having the switch replaced by a certified electrician.

If the bulb does not light up at all, it could be an issue with the bulb itself and repositioning/replacing it can help. If there is still no light, it could be an issue with your wiring or consumer unit and would require inspection by an electrician.

Improper wattage for a lightbulb can cause a fixture to overheat, it is recommended to check the wattage on the light bulb itself and the rating printed on the light fixture, installing a lower wattage bulb can help.

Can I have a dimmer switch installed?

Yes, we have extensive experience with dimmer switch installation, let us know your requirements and we are happy to work with you to find the correct product and installation site.

Why would I need a new light fitting installed?

A new light fitting installation is useful if you are extending your property, want to add a new look to your room, or wish to use a different type of bulb than the one that your current light fixture supports.

Why would I need a light fixture repaired?

Damaged light fixtures can be a dangerous fire hazard, a certified electrician can test and remedy any problems on your property to provide you with peace of mind and ensure your light fixtures are functioning correctly.

Can I get my light fixture replaced?

Yes, in some cases overuse or physical damage can cause light switches to malfunction or just look unappealing. A new light switch can help tie in to a newly redecorated room or simply give a fresher appearance to your property.

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Who can service my light fittings in London?

Certified Electricians London are NICEIC registered and have a wealth of experience working with even the most complex lighting systems. Whether your property is new or old, large or small we can guarantee you a fix. Get in touch for a quote.

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