September 23, 2022

Choosing energy efficient products to save you money

Switching or installing energy efficient products can really help to save you money on your fuel bills. It can also lower your carbon monoxide emissions. If you were to replace all the bulbs in your home with LED lights, you could reduce your emissions by 40kg a year, this is the equivalent to driving your car around 145 miles!

1. Switch to energy LED Lighting

Not all energy saving lightbulbs are created equal. LED uses about half the energy of the bigger spiral ‘energy saving’ bulbs

2. Install Dimmers and Timers

A light bulb uses energy which is measured in watts. By lowering the wattage with a dimmer, you can manage the bulb’s energy consumption. Installing motion sensors in each room is a great money saving idea, especially if you have kids that forget to turn the lights off.

3. Install motion detector lights outdoors and Use CFL's or LEDs for your outdoor lighting

More and more of Certified Electricians London Ltds customers in South East London, East London and surrounding areas are now switching to LED lights and installing eco-friendly smart home devices to cut their energy bills.


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December 22, 2022
Happy Christmas and Thank you

We appreciate your support....   We would like to wish our lovely customers a peaceful Christmas and a healthy new year.  Thank you for your much valued support and loyalty, its been a pleasure working for you, and we look forward to working with you again in the future.  Contact us to get booked in for […]

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December 19, 2022
What is PART P Electrical Safety Registered?

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December 8, 2022
What extractor fan do I need?

Bathrooms create steam and if not removed it will cause condensation on walls and other surfaces leading to mould and mildew in the bathroom and other rooms of the house. Black mould is unsightly and sometimes harmful and is easier to prevent than eradicate once you have it. The best way to prevent condensation and […]

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