December 8, 2022

What extractor fan do I need?

Bathrooms create steam and if not removed it will cause condensation on walls and other surfaces leading to mould and mildew in the bathroom and other rooms of the house. Black mould is unsightly and sometimes harmful and is easier to prevent than eradicate once you have it. The best way to prevent condensation and mould is to remove the steam while it is still steam. A well placed, well matched extractor fan is what you need and this blog is here to help you make the most informed choice. If you would like to discuss further, please do get in touch with us here Contact us

Do you need a bathroom fan?

To help keep mould and mildew growth at bay, it is wise to have some form of ventilation in your bathroom, with an extractor fan installed you can be far more certain of the unwanted steam making its way outside therefore avoiding condensation and mould.

What different types of bathroom fan are there?

Extractor fans that are suitable for bathroom installation can be broken down into 3 basic types:
Axial Designed
For installation directly through an external wall, or in the ceiling on a very short duct run, these fans are what most people will think of when picturing a bathroom fan.
Similar wall or ceiling mounting options but with one big difference, a centrifugal fan generates far greater pressure, making it capable of extracting down much longer duct runs. Ideal for a bathroom with no external walls. Often including more switching and operating options , Centrifugal fans can be set to run at a low rate so there is always some flow through the room, even there is no-one in there.
As the name suggests, an inline fan sits within the run of ducting, completely out of sight. Installed in the loft space or ceiling void above the room, an inline fan produces a much greater extraction rate which makes it ideal for installations that either have long runs or serious condensation/mould problems.

Certified Electricians London Ltd can advise you on which fan is best for your individual home. Things to consider for example are - is your bathroom next to a child’s bedroom or is it an ensuite? Is your bathroom internal with no external walls? How do you want your fan to be switched on and off?

Noise is also a determining factor to consider when choosing the right fan for your home. The noise level of an extractor fan is displayed in dB(A) or decibels.

Fan Sizes

The size of a fan is referring to the diameter of the fan blade, and in turn the diameter of the surrounding that points into the wall or ceiling. This will determine what diameter duct pipe is used. Most fans come in a standard 4 inch size which is perfectly suited to 95% of domestic installations. Generally the larger the fan blade, the more power. The larger the room you have, the bigger the fan you will need.

Installation position

Choosing where to install your fan is a matter of electrical safety and a professional electrician should be consulted. Certified Electricians London Ltd are your local experts with many years’ experience of installing extractor fans in London and the wider area. Bathrooms are divided into zones depending on how close they are to the source of water. Which fan you fit will depend on what zone you are installing it in. Zone 1 is the area of the bath or shower cubicle and up to 2.25 meters high. Where possible it is best to try to fit your fan in Zone 1 where it is close to the source of steam. This means the fan is extracting the steam directly out of the room as it is being produced, minimising the time for it to condensate on walls and other surfaces.

Switching on and off

All fans can be wired into the lighting circuit so they turn on and off with your lights, or on a separate remote switch, allowing them to be operated independently. Many fans are available in three versions:
Operated by the light or remote switch only
Features a timer which keeps the fan running for a set period after the light or remote switch is turned off. This ensures all steam has been extracted from the bathroom
Will turn on automatically when humidity in the bathroom reaches a pre-set level and off when the humidity falls back to its pre-set level. These are great in bathrooms where the lights and fan are not always turned on manually and are popular with landlords or in those installations where a fan is on required to extract steam.

Some ranges also have a pull cord which allows for local operation and PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensors which operate the extractor fan automatically when somebody enters the room.

If your idea of a good time is not cleaning mould off your walls and ceilings perhaps its time to get an extractor fan fitted. Get in touch today, we look forward to hearing from you.

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